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SchiedamsDOEN inspires and
connects citizens and civil servants

Schiedams Doen - 2972SchiedamsDOEN (which translates roughly as ‘SchiedamENGAGES’) is the name for a new way for citizens and civil servants in Schiedam to engage. Together they are helping to make the city even more attractive by implementing a whole range of suggestions in many different areas, such as green spaces and the living environment, rules and procedures, health and welfare, and sport. In this way, Schiedam is shaping participation by both members of the community and the municipality.

More efficient and more transparent
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At the end of 2013 citizens and civil servants were invited to submit suggestions for ways to make Schiedam more attractive. The only stipulation was that the suggestions should make cooperation between the public and the municipality more efficient and more transparent. The suggestions should focus on how and not on what.

A wealth of suggestions
The appeal delivered no fewer than 131 suggestions. After careful consideration by a committee, it was ultimately decided that about 70 of them were genuinely feasible. All Schiedam citizens were then given the opportunity to vote, resulting in a Top 10 of the most popular suggestions. All the deputy mayors committed to two suggestions from this Top 10 with a view to implementing them by late 2014.

Visit our website, Facebook and Twitter
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On this website you’ll find an up-to-date list of all the suggestions submitted, the backgrounds to new partnerships and an overview of events taking place around the projects. We also post our latest updates on Facebook (/ SchiedamsDOEN) and Twitter (#SchiedamsDOEN).

Do you have a good suggestion?
Let us know your suggestion for the city by emailing Please include a description of your suggestion, and don’t forget to tell us your name, phone number and email address so we can contact you about your idea.

Want to join in?
Have we whet your appetite? SchiedamsDOEN can use all kinds of help! Here are just some examples of how you can help:


  • Make your specialist knowledge available to the Burgerkennisnetwerk (Civic Knowledge Network). Share your professional, technical or community expertise in new projects in the city.


  • Help grow vegetables on waste ground, such as in Wibautplein or at Landvreugd in Groenoord. You’ll be helping to produce healthy green food for the Food Bank.

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  • Help build and maintain a natural adventure playground for children. We need help building rafts, bridges, huts and much more besides!

Let us know how you can help by emailing us at

The TukTuk is coming to town
SchiedamsDOEN stands for a mutual ‘can-do’ mentality. At the moment we’re working on the SchiedamsDOEN TukTuk: a small, environmentally-friendly electric car in which we’ll be stopping off in hotspots and at events. Anyone with questions or new suggestions or who wants to take part in one of the many SchiedamsDoen projects can find out more there.

Zest in the city
SchiedamsDOEN is bringing new zest to the town. On this website you’ll find lots of suggestions and current projects in the following categories:

  • Green Spaces and the Living Environment
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Rules and Procedures
  • Urban Marketing and Economy
  • Health and Welfare
  • Other

Below you’ll find a selection of the initiatives in the Green Spaces and Living Environment category.

Piet Bliek, City of Schiedam Green Spaces Administration Manager:

“Together we’re making Schiedam
greener and greener”

IMG_7247Schiedam keeps getting greener. City of Schiedam Green Spaces Administration Manager Piet Bliek (right at the picture) is delighted with all the green initiatives taking place through SchiedamsDOEN. “We’re working with a variety of great names like TuinfeestSchiedam, Ecoconfetti, Voedselbanktuinieren, Geveltuinen, Educatieve Tuinen and Pluk de Stad (Schiedam Garden Festival, Eco Confetti, Food Bank Gardening, Pavement Gardening, Educational Gardening and Pick the Town). Projects that not only enable us to eat and live more healthily but also keep our bee population thriving. And the bees are vital for pollinating our fruit.”

Wijkdeals: green street deals on one sheet of A4

Do you have green fingers? Would you like to put them to good use beyond the confines of your own garden or balcony? Do you and your neighbours want to give your street a whole new green look? Now you can! With the Wijkdeal (street deal), the municipality will agree a contract with the residents of your street on a simple sheet of A4 paper.

In Merwedestraat and Hagastraat in the south of Schiedam, local residents, schoolchildren and the municipality are already working together under a Wijkdeal, with the playground of Sint Janschool in the east of the city. These Wijkdeals provide a short description of which green idea has been suggested, which resident is signing up to it on behalf of the street, and who is signing on behalf of the municipality. The Wijkdeals also state who is doing what, how long the contract is for and how the various rights and obligations are transferred. No chemical weed-killers or pesticides are allowed to maintain the gardens. Do you have a green suggestion for your street or neighbourhood and would you like to take up a Wijkdeal? Then email your idea to Municipal officials Piet Bliek, Leon Verzijden or Herman Kriek will come and look at your site to assess whether your suggestion is feasible in practice. If it is, they will get the ball rolling straight away.

geveltuintjes_960x637  11692694_796384263793554_1703418718812185740_n

Pavement gardens: Paving out, garden in!

If you want to create a pavement garden in front of your house or flat, under certain circumstances you can replace a paving stone on the pavement outside it with a plant: paving out, garden in! Read how this works below. Stately spires of hollyhocks are already blooming in many streets. Pavement gardens make neighbourhoods greener and healthier – and help bring people together. Planting and weeding are a great opportunity for people to get to know their neighbours. And the more people come together, the fewer lonely people there will be!

11666055_791492520949395_7040296797938701738_n  11231903_792990140799633_8021129985157842252_n

Wijkdeal Merwedestraat:
A dog mess-free place to play

The 42 residents of Merwedestraat in the south of Schiedam wanted to turn a strip of green land into a pleasant place to meet up with neighbours and a clean, dog mess-free place for their children to play. To keep dogs off the grass the municipality had to move a fence, which meant that mowers could no longer access it. Now the residents look after the strip themselves, thanks to the Wijkdeal. They also keep an area of up to 50 cm beyond the fence free from litter and inspect the fence regularly.

Foto's Gorzen

Festive eco-confetti for 30 years
of chemical-free green maintenance

IMG_8847  Tuinfeestconfetti

For 30 years the municipality of Schiedam has maintained the town’s green spaces without the use of toxic chemicals. Schiedam citizen Marianne Goudswaard, author of the children’s book Fleur de Bij (Bee Flower), thought this was worth celebrating. “Because of this policy, the bees are doing our city a lot of good. After all, it’s a proven fact that the massive mortality rate among bees in recent years is directly attributable to pesticides.” So she decided to take the opportunity of SchiedamsDOEN to provide little bags of eco-confetti made of festive, bee-friendly garden seeds. The seeds are contained in special soluble paper shaped like little flowers. Cover the eco-confetti with a thin layer of soil, stand the pot in a sunny spot, give it a little water, and the flowers will emerge by themselves! Five ‘green’ Schiedam residents helped her bag up the eco-confetti through the Schiedam Volunteers Service Point. If you send in a tip on you’ll receive a bag of eco-confetti, which you can pick up at Schiedam Library in the Korenbeurs on Lange Haven.


Designer bee hotels in the Plantage

The trees in the Plantage in Tuinlaan were recently festooned with a series of beautiful designer bee hotels. Industrial design agency Ge’staltung in Tuinlaan designed and built the hotels. These are true Bed & Breakfasts, as Marianne Goudswaard provides the bees with the nectar they need. Her eco-seeds produce a mass of blooming flowers buzzing with happy bees of all shapes and sizes.


Beleefpad opened

The Beleefpad discovery trail by the NME Centre (Nature and Environmental Education Centre), Harreweg 10-12, Schiedam North, was officially opened on 31 May.


The discovery trail is a surfaced path almost a kilometre long that runs between the nature playground and the future Beleef Kethelpoort polder playground. Along the route, children and their parents can experience all kinds of exciting things with a series of fun flora and fauna tasks.

Say no to chemicals in the garden:

Tuinfeest Schiedam

To get as many locals as possible gardening without the use of chemicals, Schiedam residents have set up a website called (Gardenparty Schiedam). This website is bursting with practical gardening tips. Schiedam’s professionals have been more than happy to share their expertise in their greenest gardening tips. If Schiedammers share their own ideas too, it will be a treasure trove of natural green tips – so there will be a Tuinfeest in every garden! Among the tips you’ll find on the website are how to keep cats and snails off your flower beds, how to control aphids and how to make your own plant feed. Do you have a handy tip to share? Send it – preferably with a photo – to

Annemarie van der Veen, NME, TuinfeesttipsAnne Marie van der Veen of NME also provides some useful gardening tips on the website!









Food bank gardening yields a bumper crop

Over the past few weeks Herbert Nikkels and dozens of volunteers have once again been donating bountiful harvests to the Food Bank from their wonderful urban market garden on the previously unused site in Wibautplein and from the garden at Landvreugd in Groenoord. The combination of sunny ‘growing weather’, ultra-motivated volunteers and enthusiastic local residents has delivered an excellent harvest in Nieuwland. So visitors to the Food Bank will not only receive a wide range of packets and cans, they will also be given fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables.


Your own pavement garden in 4 steps

Points to watch out for before you begin:

  • The garden must be no wider than 45 cm
  • After laying out the garden, there should be a width of at least 1.5 m of free space for people to walk on.
  • Create your pavement garden against the front wall of your building, not against a front garden or in a shopping street.
  • Use the paving stones you have removed as a border or store them away.
  • Keep gutters and ventilation grilles in the front wall free.
  • If you want to create a bigger pavement garden or planter, please contact one of your district supervisors by phone on 14010. They will go through the rules with you and will ask you to sign a list of arrangements, which they will countersign.
  • The same rules apply if you want to place a narrow planter on the pavement against the wall.

The 4 steps:

  1. Remove a row of paving stones along your wall. Use the stones you have removed as edging by standing them upright along the edge of the new bed.
  2. Carefully scoop the sand out to a depth of 30 to 40 cm. (Watch out for cables and pipes.*)
  3. Fill the hole with soil and plant the plants of your choice. No trees are permitted, and self-clinging climbers should be used sparingly. For climbing and trailing plants, stretch wires along the wall or create a frame to support them. You can also train thorny plants along this so they do not get in the way of pedestrians.
  4. Take good care of your pavement garden!

Good to know:

  • You are responsible for maintaining your pavement garden.
  • If you move, you will either have to hand over the pavement garden to the new resident or restore everything to its original state.
  • If your pavement garden becomes neglected, the municipality may instruct you to restore the original paving stones.
  • Utility companies must always be able to access cables and pipelines in your pavement garden. You cannot claim compensation for any damage to your pavement garden caused by cable and pipeline works.
  • The land remains the property of the municipality.

Do you have any questions? If you are a tenant, please speak to your landlord or housing association first before creating a pavement garden. If you create a pavement garden on behalf of several residents, e.g. if your flat has a shared entrance, the other residents must of course also give their approval.

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